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modern water carafe/speckled lemonade, iced tea pitcher

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This listing is for the large, speckled carafe pictured. The tumblers are also available on my Etsy shop. Enjoy these simplistic style pitchers for a small crowd. Maybe it’s ice water on the porch or lemonade for two, these hold approximately 30 oz of liquid. Best for chilled drinks, but can hold warm drinks as well.

The speckles pop through the gloss white glaze, contrasting with the dark, raw clay bottom. The high glaze line makes for a secure grip.

These have also been used for gravy boats, or for watering your home plants!

(Please note; the pitcher can get hot to the touch if items are boiling.)

There are variations within this listing, if you have a specific height, capacity or glaze line that you prefer, please let me know.

All items are dishwasher, food, and microwave safe.

Dimensions average 8-9” tall by 3” across, and hold between 26-34 ounces.

4 reviews for modern water carafe/speckled lemonade, iced tea pitcher

  1. Valerie Long

    Lovely, well-made pitcher that sits on my counter and works perfectly for refilling the water on my coffeemaker and pets’ bowls. Modern, clean lines and looks beautiful as an item on display. Beauty + function + art/design all in one! I am very happy.

  2. Judy Thiers

    Exactly what I was looking for. Great quality, perfect size, and attractive sitting on the kitchen windowsill. I use it to fill our dog’s water bowl as well as the essential oil diffuser.

  3. TAMMY

    Excellent quality, functional, and beautiful!

  4. Trinity Richardson

    Absolutely beautiful piece. I gave it as a gift and they loved it, beyond worth the price

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