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1 Liter Orb Bag – Insulated Organic Cotton & Yulex

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Embrace your inner hydration superhero, sipping from your water bottle without skipping a beat or losing your stride.

Drinking from glass is the healthiest choice to avoid metal or plastic leaching while also eliminating unwanted tastes.

We combined organic cotton and all-natural Yulex cushioning to create the most convenient and stylish water bottle system ever. This is our fourth and most advanced version of bags for our 1 liter orbs and 1 gallon globes.

Yulex is the world’s first non-allergenic 100% plant-based natural rubber. FSC certified sustainably sourced and proudly produced in the United States of America.

Bottles sold separately and aren’t included.

Machine washable, but hand washing recommended.

Patent pending.

3 reviews for 1 Liter Orb Bag – Insulated Organic Cotton & Yulex

  1. jjchessani

    Beautiful Piece, was happy with quality.

  2. Olivia Wallette

    Awesome product. Would recommend and buy again.

  3. remona mansilla

    Protection for its counterpart. 🙂

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